Stock~ Going upstairs.

Username Trading

Username Trading

~misanthropes (
~teaparties (email:



* -harder trades
Stock~ Pool.

I'm finally moving :)

~bridals -> ~asthma
You guys, I was finalle able to get a username I LOVE <3
I already commented on a lot of your friends-only posts but not on all. (I dunno, it wouldn't let me comment on some O_o
Maybe lj thought I was a spammer xD)

Anyways I'd love to stay friends with you, so if you think I'm not a horribly boring whiny bitch, just go ahead and add me :)
I'll add you back asap. If you are not interested in staying friends - no hard feelings ;) Just don't follow me and I'll know what that means.

Also, do any of you know some rich lj-people who buy paid accounts for other users if they sell them their soul for it?

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